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No matter the comic, I can find it. 

Justin Marsh

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I started selling comic books after finding downtime during my over-the-road job in 2013. My first idea of selling comics came after listening to a podcast by the name of "Comic Geek Speak" while driving. I noticed countless billboards for antique shops and flea markets. Since I felt knowledgeable about comics after listening to hours of podcasts, I figured I would give comic book hunting a try. Not long after picking up some small collections, I realized selling online using 3rd party grading was a must. I sent a few comics to get graded and successfully flipped them on eBay. I was hooked, and so my journey started to where I am now, many years later, launching a new direct-buy e-commerce site.

I proudly use the top 3rd party grading companies, CGC and CBCS, to assist with signatures at shows and private events. For many years, I have been collecting and selling comics with sought-after signatures. Many times, requests come in for a signature on a specific comic book, and I have completed those requests, leaving very happy customers along the way.

When selling online, I like to use grading methods through CGC, CBCS, and CBCS RAW programs. The accuracy of grading is trusted throughout the industry. Third-party grading helps me expedite sales and keep customers happy with the condition of a comic without them seeing it in person.