The Best Scanner For Graded Comics

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Technology | 0 comments

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The Best Scanner For Graded Comics

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Technology | 0 comments

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9800XL scanner


Let me start this first article off by saying welcome to my new blog, and prepare for great information but not the best writing (I have never been the best at putting my thoughts on digital paper). I will lay out my experience with scanners, scanning comics books, what failed and what ultimately worked!

The Beginning…

Archie Fuzzy Scan CBCSMy first wave of CGC and CBCS graded comics I received in the mail back in 2013, I used my budget HP scanner located on top of my printer and needless to say it sucked, the image was fuzzy, unclear and cropped. I started on a mission to find out why some people selling graded comics had such nice pictures, and mine were no where close!

I discovered the magic was in the sensor type CCD (Charge Coupled Device) built into the scanner, compared to the CIS (Contact Image Sensor) built into my budget scanner. My new mission was to find an affordable scanner with a CCD sensor, so onto eBay I went!

Mistakes Were Made

superman 24 CGCI searched and searched on eBay I was able to settle on a MICROTEK 9800XL with a USB port. The 9800XL is massive, loud and slow, but the images were much better than anything I had used before. Over time I scanned and sold countless CGC and CBCS graded comics using the images generated from this scanner, but one day a local friend and comic artist needed his large format comic art to be digitally scanned, so I decided to sell it to him and he loved it!

Now I was stuck in a jam to find a scanner on eBay again! I messaged a fellow eBay seller who had amazing pictures and I asked him what scanner he used, Savage She-Hulk 1 CGCand he suggested the ancient, circa 2002 HP 8200. The bummer about the HP 8200 is the scanning bed size is smaller than the 9800XL, so I had to cut off some of my larger mag size scans when saving the image. Fast forward a year and I was extremely disappointed I sold the MICROTEK 9800XL, so my last attempt to solve my problem was to find another 9800XL. After weeks of searching I found a unit for a reasonable price and could not wait for it to be delivered! A few days went by and as FedEx attempted to deliver the scanner, they damaged it, out a few hundred dollars and upset at FedEx!

Finally The Perfect Scanner

Front Scan of Bugs Bunny 1After my mistakes with a few scanners and finally receiving some money back from FedEx, I was sick and tired of relying on used electronics and I made it my mission to find a brand new but affordable CCD scanner. I put in hours of research, read reviews and YouTube vlogs, I finally found the scanner unit that looked promising.

I give you Plustek OpticPro A320E! Amazon has it for under $600 and it was worth the gamble…

This scanner is amazing! It scans with almost no light bleeding, or reflections. The blacks are deep black, and the colors pop! If you are looking for a large format scanner that outputs high quality scans, this is it!
Let’s review the scanners I recommend:

Basic: HP 8200
Better: MICROTEK 9800XL
Best: Plustek OpticPro A320E

Happy scanning!